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Hi! I’m Jessica, the creator of Babies, Boardrooms & Ballgames and Blog By Jessica. On this blog, I aim to inspire others through my personal stories of imperfection and share lifestyle tips for the modern mom. I wasn’t always the girl who documented her life through photos and stories. In fact, my first published article was titled  #NewYearRealMe: I’m not hiding from the camera anymore. The overwhelming reaction to this story inspired me to continue sharing the real moments of motherhood with all of you.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. I hope you will stay a while and leave inspired.

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Football & Family

My journey to becoming a coach’s wife began when I started dating my husband, Randy in February 2009. At the time, I was working as a news producer for a CBS affiliate and he was the defensive line coach at my Alma Mater. We lived almost two hours apart, but still managed to make our relationship work. Now that I look back on it, it truly is a miracle that we were able to stay together. If you know anyone in the news business or anyone that coaches for a living, you know that both of these jobs require a great deal of sacrifice for everyone involved. I guess you could say “I dated the game” for four years before “marrying football.” After those four years, I knew what I was getting into and ready to take on the challenge. I married my husband June 29, 2013. Almost exactly three years later, June 28, 2016, our first son, Christian was born. As you can see, all major life events happen in June. Yes, I know it’s crazy, but in our family, we try to plan everything around football season. I guess we are lucky it’s worked out that way so far!