Why the Coach’s Wife is Always On During “Offseason”

Football never stops for the coaching family. You will rarely hear a coach’s wife or family member use the phrase “Offseason” to reference a time of year. Why? Because there is truly no offseason for the coach, coach’s wife or family–no such thing exists.

What most people don’t know about the coaching family is that quickly following the last game of the season, the coach leaves his family to begin recruiting new football players. Depending on the coach’s recruiting territory they could be gone for days, weeks or months–leaving all the daily household responsibilities to his spouse. This recruiting period usually lasts until National Signing Day. Although Signing Day is known for the time when a coach returns home from recruiting, his responsibilities quickly shift to spring football, followed by another round of recruiting, summer camps and then eventually regular season football practices and games.

She is the Communicator

The coach’s wife is officially the central communication center for the coach’s family and friends. This includes good and bad news, confirming dates for family holiday plans and get togethers with friends–which become fewer and fewer unless these friends are available on specific dates over the summer or travel to football games.

She Works Tirelessly at Work and Home

Due to the media coverage of high profile coach’s public salaries, you might have the impression that being a coach’s wife is a glamorous job. However, all football coaches do not make a lot of money. Most coaches’ wives work (or have worked) to help financially support their family and husband’s career goals. If a coach’s wife doesn’t work or takes on the role of stay at home mom, I can assure you that she is working as much at home as the average employee does at work.

Help is Limited

Coaching is a job that requires your family to move. Coaches change schools or move up divisions to advance their career opportunities or they are forced to move because their job is no longer available due to a coaching change or a losing season. Most coaches’ wives do not live near family members. This part of coaching can be extremely challenging for the wives who are also mothers. When help is needed, the options can be very limited.

Transition Time

Coaches are known for having a career that requires them to move and change jobs. Most of these changes take place after football season. The job transition usually happens very quickly and the coach’s wife is left alone to pack and make moving arrangements. It is not uncommon for coaches and their families to live separately until all of the loose ends are handled. Some families even live separately to give their children the opportunity to finish the school year.

She Is Already Planning for Football Season

Although it is a busy time of year, the coach’s wife looks forward to the football season. Football season means her husband will actually be at home during the week–even though most of his time will be spent at work. Football games and events are fun and also a time when coaches’ girlfriends, fiancés and wives get to know each other and develop close relationships. No one understands the highs and lows that come from wins and losses more than your fellow coach’s wife.

The life of a coach’s wife is challenging and rewarding, but never boring. Congrats to all of the football coaches’ wives for almost making it through another “Offseason!”

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