Top 5 Reasons the Coach’s Wife Celebrates Signing Day

What the first Wednesday in February really means for football coaches and their families

The first Wednesday in February is circled in the shape of a heart on our calendar, but not for the reason you may think. It’s not one of our birthdays or a special anniversary–it’s National Signing Day. It’s a day celebrated by thousands of families and sports fans across the country as high school recruits proudly commit to a college’s football program. If your child’s dream is to play football at the collegiate level and they are planning to sign a Letter of Intent, then you probably have this day marked on your calendar too…But as the wife of a college football coach, I will tell you that our family will be celebrating Signing Day for different reasons.

Top 5 Reasons the Coach’s Wife Celebrates Signing Day

1. The Athletes
First and foremost, we will celebrate the amazing young men who have made a decision and commitment to be a part of our football family. The look of excitement in their eyes on this day reminds us that the sacrifices we continue to make as a coaching family will make a positive impact in a child’s life and on their future.

2. Her Husband
Coaches’ wives see firsthand the amount of hard work and dedication their husbands put into recruiting. We see the relationships they build with student athletes and their families while sacrificing time away from their own families. We know how much it means to them for a recruit to say
“I choose you as my coach.”

3. Help at Home
You know that tired mom you see carrying the crying baby with one arm and desperately trying not to drop all of the groceries dangling from her other hand? I’m sure you’re probably wondering where her husband is or if she even has one. She might be a coach’s wife. I’ve been that mom for months now and I’m excited to finally have my husband back at home.

4. Dinner as a Family
I can’t imagine what my neighbors must think. I’m sure they are curious to know where my husband is and whose car is parked at my house in the evenings. They probably don’t realize that it’s just another coach’s wife bringing over dinner. This is how we keep each other company while our husbands are away–And trust me, I always enjoy a fun girl’s night…But I’m looking forward to dinners at home with my husband and son, as a family.

5. Quality Time Together
I finally stopped counting the times I’ve been asked “Where is your husband?” or “But isn’t football season over?” Most people assume once football season is over that our lives go back to normal. The truth is that between football season, recruiting and  spring practice…football never stops. Our family spends less time together than the average family and that’s okay–our motto is “quality over quantity.” I can’t wait for us to be able to spend more quality time together.

So, this week as you celebrate National Signing Day and analyze the outcome for college football programs across the country, don’t underestimate what the first Wednesday in February really means for the coaches and their families.

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